Braemar Community Ltd


Formed to ensure the viability of Braemar through sustainable development


Braemar Community Ltd was set up in 2004 to undertake the development and operation of major projects on behalf of the community.  Since then the company has been responsible for the construction of 2 new footbridges, the creation of a new footpath to link the new Cluny bridge with the A93. an investigation into the feasibility and reinstatement of the hydro scheme at Corriemulzie, the planning of a major extension to pedestrian access to the Cairngorms by a new bridge over the river Dee, and the restoration of the cruck framed cottage with hingin lum at Auchtavan in Glen Fearder which was completed in June 2008. 




The current major project is the restoration and operation of Braemar Castle.  A lease deal with Invercauld Estate was negotiated and completed in February 2007 when BCL took over the castle on behalf of the community.  Volunteers are involved both in the day to day operation of the castle as well as in fundraising for the restoration and conservation work.  To date almost £300,000 has been raised and it is hoped that work on the roof will be completed shortly.  Fundraising will continue to improve facilities, to build a Visitor Centre and improve the grounds.


Membership of Braemar Community Ltd is open to all living within the Braemar postcodes.  The community are encouraged to suggest projects and to take the lead role in steering such projects.


The company is managed by a Board of Directors – Simon Blackett,  Louise Kelly, Dave Chandler, Malcolm MacIntyre, Alistair Hubbard, Glenn Perkins and Doreen Wood.