Stevenson Supper – 14th September 2019

14th September - Stevenson Supper

Stevenson Supper - Saturday 14th September 2019

In the summer of 1881, Robert Louis Stevenson holidayed in a cottage in Braemar. To amuse his step-son, during what turned out to be 7 rainy weeks, he wrote the first 15 chapters of Treasure Island. Join us for a convivial evening of poetry, readings and characters as we celebrate his connection with the village. Enjoy a glass of prosecco, a 3-course dinner and a glass of wine. We guarantee the vittels will be much better than on board the Hispaniola!

Come as you are or as one of Stevenson’s colourful characters – Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde, Long John Silver or Alan Breck Stewart for a fun night celebrating the genius of RLS.

All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer. -Robert Louis Stevenson

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