Wrap up warm and come and visit the Castle grounds!

 A safe space for all to enjoy with fantastic views through the glens, in the heart the Cairngorms National Park.

'We love to welcome visitors to our 17th Century Castle in beautiful Braemar...

and we're so looking forward to opening our doors once again this May!'

Braemar Community Volunteers

If you are interested in a personal guided tour of the grounds, hearing about the Castle's stories, please email info@braemarcastle.co.uk 

You may be unable to visit but you can always keep in touch with Braemar Castle on social media.....and find out about our 'Raising the Standard' project.

Braemar Castle

Currently closed in line with Government guidelines due to Covid-19. Please keep checking back regularly for updates.
Braemar Castle
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Chimneys were first developed by the Romans, primarily in connection with hot baths, and by bakers.

o Private homes and villas had central hearths which vented smoke through windows or a hole in the roof.

o Modern chimneys, as we know them today, appeared towards the end of the 12th century when fireplaces began to replace central hearths in grand houses. This was primarily a safety measure as builders began adding second floors to great halls, making the central hearth unsafe and impractical Capstones were also added from this time, to prevent rain putting out the fire.

o Production of chimney pots declined during the 16th century and it wasn’t until the Tudor period, and then Gothic Revival that the more elaborate chimneys were designed and constructed.

o This was followed by rapid growth during the Industrial Revolution.

o During the Victorian period chimney pots were produced with names such as “The Lady Broughton”, “The Little Bishop” and “The Moulded Roll.”
Braemar Castle
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The April Drystane Dyking Course has been postponed until the 17th and 18th July due to the ongoing restrictions.
Everyone should have received their e-mail informing them of this change along with details of your options.

We have opened up spaces for the July course and anyone interested should contact Catriona on catrionaskene@gmail.com.

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Braemar Castle
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We are looking for photos of the castle - inside, outside, grounds - that are high resolution and in their original raw form.

Please contact Catriona on catrionaskene@gmail.com if you can assist.

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Braemar Castle
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In this image from 1851 you see the grand gathering of the highland clans with the Farquharson children taking centre stage dancing a reel.
During this time the castle was used for domestic use by the Farquharson family who had the castle returned to them in 1832.

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Image: Illustrated London News
Braemar Castle
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Ever wondered what Braemar means?

It means 'the uplands of the province of Mar'.

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Braemar Castle
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In July 1881, Robert Louis Stevenson stayed in Braemar for a short time with his family. It was during this time that it is believed he started writing, what would become, Treasure Island as he took inspiration from the people and his surrounds.

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    star rating  Interesting architecture. The castle is located on a hill surrounded by plains full of sheeps. Scotland 🙂


    star rating  Due to the current restrictions, we could only stop off and walk around the castle and it's grounds but it's an interesting little castle but not necessarily the most stunning.... read more