Visitors with a physical disability are welcome to bring their car up to the castle and to park outside. The courtyard and the waiting area are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs, although there is a very small step into the courtyard which may be unsuitable for electric wheelchairs.
Inside the castle, the ground floor (the eighteenth century kitchen, the laird's pit and the gift shop) is accessed by going down two steps. Access to the first floor is by either the spiral staircase or the servants' stairs, which has a solid bannister. Any visitors who feel that they may not be able to take a tour of the whole castle are very welcome to visit the first floor free of charge and a guide may be available to give a brief overview of the castle's history in those two rooms. We want everyone to be able to enjoy as much of this historic building as possible.
Audio tours are available, and visitors are welcome to use their own headphones. Written information about the castle is available in large print.