Get out of that classroom and come experience hands on history! We are very happy to accommodate education visits and can cater for all school ages. Many of our volunteer guides have backgrounds in education and are happy to show you around the castle. The castle's history is layered and we can offer coverage of the following topics:

  • Jacobites and 17th-18th century Scotland
  • Victorians
  • 17th century castles
  • 18th and 19th century Scottish cooking
  • Scottish clans with a focus on Farquharson and/or Erskine


Braemar primary school children holding certificates after being guides for the day

Things to know....

  • Only qualifying groups will be free, please contact info@braemarcastle.co.uk to find out if you qualify.
  • On education visits there must be at least two supervising adults who will take responsibility for the group.
  • Education visits are always subject to availability of our volunteers and therefore require at least one month's notice
  • Most education institutions require a risk assessment be completed before the visit - we have a hazard information sheet we can provide as guidance only: it is ultimately the responsibility of the teacher/ organisation to carry out the assessment. Click link below to download:
  • Risks Information Sheet