Clan Farquharson


Fide et fortitudine

By fidelity and fortitude

Braemar Castle has been the home of the Chiefs of Clan Farquharson since the middle of the 18th century and in 2007 was leased to the community of Braemar for 50 years by the Farquharsons of Invercauld.  The Chief of Clan Farquharson, and 16th Laird of Invercauld, is Captain Alwyne Farquharson

Scottish Clans were originally families, relatives, allies and neighbours who came together for protection against mutual enemies.  The word clan comes from the Gaelic word for children and was first used to describe these groupings around geographical areas probably during the 13th century.

In clan terms, Clan Farquharson is a relatively new clan.  The first Farquharson was Finlay Mhor, Lang Findlay.  He was descended from Farquhar Shaw who arrived in Braemar from across the Cairngorms from Rothiemurchus.  Finlay Mhor was the grandson of Farquhar and the son of Donald and Isobel Stewart of Invercauld and he became known as MacFionnlaidh, Chief of Clan Farquharson, descended from Farquhar.

In 1547 Finlay Mhor was standard bearer for Mary Queen of Scots at the Battle of Pinkie (the last battle fought between the Scots and the English before the Union of the Crown in 1603).  He was killed by cannon fire in the battle near Musselburgh and is buried in the churchyard at Inveresk.  His wife Beatrix Garden from Banchory was lady in waiting to Mary Queen of Scots.

Descendants of Findlay Mhor spread, with branches of the family springing up along Deeside.  The Farquharsons of Inverey, of Allanquoich, of Castleton, of Balmoral, of Monaltrie and of Finzean are just some of the branches of this prolific family which has  now spread out right across the world.

Braemar Castle was originally built to keep the Farquharsons in check.  The Earls of Mar were (until 1715) staunch Government supporters, the sympathies of Clan Farquharson lay mainly with the Jacobites.  The Earl of Mar were the Feudal superiors of the Farquharson until 1715 when the Earl of Mar, along with John Farquharson of Invercauld lead a Jacobite uprising against the Government.  Following their involvement, the Earl of Mar was forced to flee abroad and his lands and title was forfeited and John Farquharson was imprisoned but later released and pardoned.  Some 20 years later John Farquharson bought Braemar Castle.

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Alwyne Farquaharson